Hi, I'm Ranjani.

I’m a marketer, writer and the founder of emdash.

Here, I develop marketing strategy for my clients, build consensus among their leadership, make presentations, write content, manage the team, follow up for responses, make kick ass coffee — you get the drift!

I started emdash 5 yrs ago, forging my own path as an independent consultant. Before that leap of faith I had spent half a decade learning the ropes of building brands as a full time marketing minion.

From copy scribbled hurriedly over the crescendo of clients’ new needs to creating strategic thought-leadership content for global teams, emdash has been anything but a punctuation. It has been a reaffirmation of my belief that a well conveyed message has tangible business value.

Even during the busiest of days, I make time to dabble in screenwriting and magazine writing.

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About films. books. even an old Jewish woman from Bangalore. 

Ms. En Scene: Tips To Unleash Your Inner Hero With Some Help From Tamil Cinema
Earlier this week, well past my deadline for this column, I returned from a satisfying vacation. No sooner than I
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Ms. En Scene: Confessions Of A Kuppai Padam Addict
Nearly two years ago, one December evening, my friend Vinay and I went to watch Katthi Sandai (2016). For the uninitiated (good
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Ms. En Scene: A Word Of Welcome To Kokila & Mahathi, Tamil Screen’s Postmodern Anti-Heroes
Imagine Saranya Ponvannan as a cancer-patient mother. Now, imagine her pulling a hammer from under the bed, knocking the toes
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Ms. En Scene: The Art Of Finding Your Showtime Soulmate
Ms. en Scene – where Ranjani Krishnakumar concedes that cinema is life. Starting today, this column will appear on SilverScreen
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Rebelling Without A Cause And Daddy Issues – Meet Indian Cinema’s New Angry Young Men
What is common between Siddharth of Kali (2016), Arjun of Arjun Reddy (2017), Surya of Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu
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Who Owns that Song?
Beginning, as it does, with a section titled ‘Dramatic Personae’, AR Venkatachalapathy’s new non-fiction book Who Owns that Song? The
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But What Was She Wearing
I talk to my dear friend Vaishnavi about her documentary film — India’s first feature-length documentary on workplace harassment.
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Tamil web content is venturing forth boldly where cinema and TV fear to tread
As a friend and I sat together watching Stephen Colbert on YouTube, I couldn’t resist sulking over what seemed like a
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2017 was a delightfully imperfect year for feminism in Tamil cinema
I write about the women of Tamil cinema in 2017 and the progress they’ve made.
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What our films tell us about abusive men, and the women in their lives
These films treat the end of an abusive relationship like the high the writers need to deliver at an interval
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Manju Warrier, Nayanthara, Jyothika
In drawing from the work of male stars to support his arguments, he ignores the entirety of female stars who
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Can’t a woman be the hero of her own crusade?
In this essay, I write about Malarvizhi of Bairavaa (2017), Kadambari of Naanum Rowdy Thaan (2015), Leela of Acham Yenbadhu
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Beyond shaming her into submission — the female antagonist narrative
I write about a film’s central conflict not revolving around the gender of the antagonist, but her ambition, for the
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Why do angry young Tamil heroes love to cross-dress so much?
This line of thought — an actor’s credentials depending on his ability to play a woman — is a Tamil
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When kids are made to say the darndest things
In the name of showcasing talented children, Tamil television programming has young actors put on adult roles under the guise
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The high-hand of justice
Tamil film heroes have an aura and gravitas that enables them to play characters who can defy societal norms and
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In food and holy matrimony
My story about food, weddings and Tamil cinema in The Forager.
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The old woman and the city
Seema Moses’ Bangalore was very different from the chaotic, traffic-stricken city it is today. The matriarch of one of Bangalore’s
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Of marriages and families: clothing the marriageable Tamil woman
An academic paper in an international peer-reviewed journal exploring the role of clothing as a signifier of the identity of a
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