Writers with an instinct.

We’re a super-specialised agency working exclusively on B2B technology content. Over the last decade we’ve created various forms of great content for start-ups, scale-ups and enterprises alike. We get you, without you having to try too hard.

Who we are

In a nutshell.


Our core business is words. Yes, we can make them look pretty for you. But that’s not our purpose.

We’re here to create content that helps you sell your product/service.


LOL. Everyone does, yes? At Emdash, we do better. We bring together customer empathy, business prerogatives, storytelling, and the best of language skills to create great content.


We work almost exclusively with B2B tech businesses. We can write authoritatively about most things. Within tech, we cover quite a bit — scroll down to see what.


We’d like to contribute meaningfully to your business. We believe this depends on us being honest and candid with our opinions. Emdash clients expect and respect that.

What we write about

All kinds of tech + business.
  • Agile development
  • AIOps
  • Application development
  • Cloud communications
  • Customer experience
  • Data and analytics
  • Data transformation
  • DevOps
  • DevSecOps
  • Digital transformation
  • EdTech
  • Facilities management
  • Global capability centres
  • GovernmentStack
  • Headcount management
  • HealthTech
  • InsurTech
  • IT services
  • Kubernetes deployment
  • Live commerce
  • Low-code
  • Marketing automation
  • Procurement insights
  • Quality assurance
  • Reconfigurable computing
  • Responsible AI
  • Retail modernisation
  • SaaS management
  • Smart contracts
  • Supply chain intelligence
  • Tech education
  • Women in tech
  • Workplace modernisation

Who we work with

B2B technology companies who know the business value of good long-form content.

What they say about us

My experience with Emdash has been of consistency, high quality of work and timeliness. I have been working with them for three years now and they have been exceptional partners who want to deliver more and better.
Michelle Surendran Head of PR and Content, Thoughtworks
Ridiculously good with words, Ranjani has the rare ability to express complex ideas in simple language. Being a cloud tech company, we have always struggled communicating the value of our services to a non tech audience, until Ranjani came along.
Phani JRK Practice head, 1CloudHub
Emdash has done a variety of work for the Thoughtworks demand team including email copy, press bylines, award nominations, case studies etc. Each time, Ranjani has instinctively understood the requirement with little explanation from us.
Gautham H Demand marketing, Thoughtworks
Ranjani is a consummate professional who deftly converts complex topics into highly readable, digestible and compelling prose. Moreover, she is a pleasure to work with and puts her all into ensuring that the end result of her work exceeds expectations.
Alan Alper (Ex) VP Marketing, Cognizant

Team Emdash

The tiny team with mighty skills.

What is this Emdash?

Glad you asked!

Emdash is a punctuation in the English language. 👉 —

It’s longer than a hyphen (-) and longer than the n-dash (–). It’s the width of the letter ‘m’. It’s beautiful, elegant, most importantly, it smartly subverts the standard rules of punctuation.

It can be used to connect two sentences — it can do the semicolon’s job. Or foreshadow a list of things — as a colon would do, or a bulleted list. Or parenthesise a digression — which shouldn’t happen in taut writing, but often does — in the middle of a sentence.

It fits perfectly well in prose
In poetry too, it deftly goes —

As Mary Norris says, the emdash “can be substituted for almost any other mark of punctuation — the comma, the semicolon, the colon, the period, a pair of parentheses, the quotation mark, even a bullet point in the making of a list.”

Ranjani chose the name because we are (or want to be) a bit like that — stretched in our ambition, elegant in our execution and versatile in our potential. Girl can dream, right? :)

Curious about the new Emdash?

Our story here!
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