I'm Dinesh, the operations associate at Emdash.

I’m an engineer by education, learning the ropes of marketing, content and small business management.

Only a couple of years ago, I graduated as a mechanical engineer from Madras Institute of Technology. Bang in the middle of the pandemic, with no interest in writing software, I did a few marketing internships here and there. Just as I was looking for stable work, I saw Ranjani’s tweet looking for an admin associate. I couldn’t have asked for a better first job.

At Emdash, I manage admin. I raise invoices, pay salaries, bills and vendors dues, file taxes and other compliances, run errands, monitor cashflow, and do all the non-business tasks of a small business. If there’s one thing I’ve learned at Emdash, it’s that you can learn just about anything if you care enough.

Need help figuring anything out? Email me at dinesh@emdash.in