Changing standards; influencing behaviours

How Emdash wrote a buyer's guide for Facilio's Connected CMMS.


Facilio is a SaaS company developing tech for smart buildings.

To drive business growth and expand their sales pipeline, they need to educate their customers about modern, digital-led, SaaS-based facilities management. Content is critical to that endeavour.


Property management, SaaS


June 2022


Educate readers on evaluating CMMS software for the future.

For eons, building owners and operators have been using software for their ops management. How do we encourage them to rethink something — that is established and used at scale, mind you — and consider a new-age alternative?

  • Relate to their present challenges deeply
  • Paint an aspirational picture of the possible future
  • Present a framework to navigate the change
  • Walk them through their decision-making process

To write a buyer’s guide that senior leaders in the property management industry can relate to and rely on, Vaishnavi Murthy, GTM lead and Nivedha Sridhar, head of marketing at Facilio needed a partner. They needed writers with an instinct for go-to-market strategy, lead generation content and thought leadership.

Facilio chose Emdash.


E-book: CMMS evaluation guide

“Buyer’s guides” are par for the course in SaaS product marketing. They introduce a new way of evaluating and buying enterprise software. They have a lofty goal of convincing a reader to abandon ideas solidified over years and explore new avenues.

Doing this demands an instinctive understanding of the end-customer and their challenges, industry landscape, solutions existing in the market and the opportunities for change. It also needs a tone of authority to advise the reader.

Facilio walked EMDASH through all this over a discovery call, handing over some of their current content assets. We wrote what was first planned as a blog post titled ‘choosing the right CMMS.’

Team on account




Client relationship

Emdash process


Nivedha, Vaishnavi and team explained their need for a 800-word blog post. They also gave us some presentations and other resources.


We studied their resources and wrote a blog post about ‘choosing the right CMMS.’

Sharp turn

Seeing the structure and the content, Facilio realised there is an opportunity to build this into something more significant.

Do over

We expanded on the blog post, adding several chapters to be a comprehensive guide for the reader.

Adding strength

We created a printable evaluation worksheet for buyers to execute the process.

Final touches

Wrote the executive summary, conclusion etc. and tied it up together.


Briefed the designer and completed hand-off.

Sample pages

Download e-book
Fair warning: This will take you to Facilio’s website with a form. Please fill it to download the ebook. It’s their IP. We don’t make the rules. :)

Outcomes and feedback

We generated over 137 ICP leads from this ebook and counting.

Content is an important pillar in our product marketing strategy. As a player in a niche industry, we needed a partner who we can trust to understand the market, our customers and the unique value we bring as a product. They needed to understand our positioning and write from a place of thought leadership and authority. Emdash perfectly fit the bill.


The writing process was very collaborative. Throughout the project, Emdash was adaptable, open to feedback / iterations and sincere to deadlines. They continue to ably support us in our brand and product marketing efforts across GTMs.


They are an enthusiastic and committed bunch to work with!

Vaishnavi Murthy

GTM Lead, Facilio