I'm Vamsee, the operations lead at Emdash.

I’m a salesman-turned-operations professional with eight years of being on the road building business relationships with all kinds of people.

My first professional gig was as a cricketer, playing for the Karnataka Under-13 team. Serious as I was in making it big, life had other plans. So, I fell back on my MBA and took to sales.

I spent six years at Practo, DineOut and PhonePe working with doctors and small business owners, onboarding them to the digital life. Much of this time was me sitting on my two-wheeler, waiting at traffic signals (I live in Bangalore, you see!), then waiting outside clinician’s offices, so on and so forth. While I was questioning my life choices, Ranjani was struggling to grow the business on her own.

I love the challenge of shaping a small business. Ranjani had some unique — read: idiosyncratic — ideas that got me excited. The ever-supportive brother that I am, I enthusiastically joined my sister’s firm to make things happen.

At Emdash, I manage operations. I build relationships with prospects and clients, run meetings, schedule work, manage delivery, review financials, update a million spreadsheets to ensure profitability, execute brand activities, pack merchandise for shipping, you know, everything that needs done to keep the business going.

On the side, I continue to play cricket for the joy of the sport. Endlessly watch movies to keep up with my film critic sister. And sharpen my meme game.

If any of this sounds useful to you, write to me at vamsee@emdash.in. For more about me, I’m on LinkedIn.